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Conference Web Casting

Web Casting

If you would like to increase your audience for your conference or offer a record of it for your audience to view and/or interact with it afterwards, then a conference web-cast is a perfect solution. Joose has a wealth of experience in this field and was one of the first companies in Europe to offer live and on-demand web-casts of conferences and events.

Joose can provide you with the following web-cast services…

  • Planning & Management
    • On all aspects of your web-casting needs – whether live or on-demand
    • Work closely with event management team
    • Hiring of local crews for filming
    • Overseeing film production team
    • Organise and manage streaming technical systems
  • Filming
    • Producer/Director team
    • Film/edit crews
    • Presenters
    • Technical management
    • Scripting
    • Interviewing
  • Hosting & streaming
    • Ensure correct technical set-up
    • Provide cost-effective hosting solutions
    • Provide appropriate streaming solutions
  • Micro-site availability
    • Design and build micro-site for distribution
    • Fully branded with your logo and colours
    • Hosted on secure Joose servers


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