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Since 2000, Joose has been providing bespoke advice too many different companies and organizations on all aspects of online video. Whether you need help to create your own online TV Channel, need guidance on tendering for a film, or need help managing a production company, we can give you the benefits of over a decade of experience.

Joose can provide consultancy on the following…

  • Online video strategy
    • How an online video presence can influence the power of your message
    • How to maximize the impact of the online video on your audience
    • How to reach your audience
    • Setting up your own TV Channel
    • Costs and timelines
  • Content
    • Creative ideas
    • Matching ideas with audience
    • Ensuring content matches organizational needs
    • Using the webpage to carry additional information
    • Costs and timelines
  • Conference web-casting
    • Live feeds from the plenary
    • On-demand material, to be played after the conference
    • Additional content e.g. studio interviews, vox pops
    • Costs and timelines
  • Distribution
    • Hosting
    • Streaming
    • Quality control
    • Technical management
    • Costs & timelines


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