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Joose TV - History

In 2000, Joose was formed to bring a new and creative mindframe to what was known as "Internet television". This page is an extract of what the original Joose TV web site looked like. Below you can see our original Logo.

Throughout the next decade, our skills expanded and our work grew to cover areas such as business education and the global health arena. Our client base also increased. Please feel free to check who we’ve worked for in our very own TV Channel.

Today, having worked on six continents, numerous countries and dozens of major international cities, Joose has a wealth of knowledge and skill on how to maximize use of your video/film needs via the Internet. We look forward to hearing from you.   


Who We Are

Eddie McCaffrey
Creative Director

Ana Gomes
Project Manager

Akvile Bliujute
Production / Business Manager

Dale Wightman

Sangeeta Bhaskar
Executive Producer

Tom McGorrian

Daryl Kibblewhite
DOP / Director

Barry Flood
Web site Developer

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